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How To Start Batch Download
Q: What does max number mean?
A: If the number is larger than 0, it will only download images and videos no more than that number, otherwise will download all of images and videos belongs to someone.
Q: What does image size mean?
A: Instagram supports 3 kinds of resolutions of images. For now, small means 640*640, middle means 750*750, large means 1080*1080.
Q: How to calculate traffic?
A: Case you download 5 images, assuming that each one is 1 MB, then it will cost you 5 MB traffic, although you may only download a zip file which is 4.8 MB.
Q: Is this free?
A: No. You should buy data traffic to begin batch download. Good news is, once you sign up, you'll gain 10 MB free data traffic. If your traffic is less than images/videos that you want to download, assuming that you have 10 MB traffic, and you want download 100 images from user 'Cat' which would cost 20 MB traffic, the system may only download first 50 images for you.
Q: How long will resources be reserved?
A: 5 days. If you don't download after research in 5 days, your traffic will be counted still. So please download your research result as soon as possible.